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Vocation of a Catechist

WHY we are catechists

This is the first dimension of catechist formation. Being a catechist is a vocation. While catechists can begin their formation by taking any course outlined in the process, it is recommended that catechists begin with the "The Vocation of the Catechist". 
  • The fundamentals of catechesis
  • The call to serve the Church in the ministry of catechesis
  • The roles of a catechist 
  • Being an effective witness 

Live workshops - Workshops are presented by Archdiocesan staff. All participants receive a copy of the Catechist Backpack (Joe Paprocki, Loyola Press)

We are currently unable to offer in-person courses.





University of Dayton - Online program.

Registration online directly through the University of Dayton, Virtual Learning Community for Faith Formation.

Modules: Seminar 1.1 (Catechesis is...), Seminar 1.2 (Vocation of the Catechist)


CLICK HERE for a list of certificate courses offered THIS CYCLE.



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"To 'BE' catechists! 

Not to 'work' as catechists.

Catechesis is a vocation:

'being a catechist', this is the vocation, 

not 'working' as a catechist."

 ~ Pope Francis, Congress on Catechesis ~

"The deepest dimension [of formation] refers to the very being of the catechist, to his/her human and christian dimension. Formation, above all else, must help him/her to mature as a person, a believer and an apostle." ~ GDC, 238
"The formation, above all, nourishes the spirituality of the catechist, so that his/her activity springs in truth from his own witness of life." ~ GDC, 239

Catechist Convocation

SAVE THE DATE: November 5-8, 2020!

In order to achieve a certificate for the "Vocation of the Catechist" by attendance at the Catechist Convocation catechists must complete the following workshops:

  1) The tasks of catechesis

  2) The roles of the catechist 

  3) The vocation of the catechist

  And another 3 workshops of their choice within this category.  


Complete details will be available in the Convocation Brochure available in August 2020.

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