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NEW Catechists!

Welcome to the ministry of catechesis.  We are grateful that you have responded to God's invitation to share your faith in an intentional way with the young people and families in your parish.  The Catechetical Office of the Archdiocese of the Newark is here to support you in your ministry. One of the ways in which we do this is through the various formation opportunities that we offer throughout the year.

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The Dimensions of Formation:
Being, Knowing and Savoir-faire ~ GDC, 238
There are three dimensions of catechist formation. For more detailed information about course offerings CLICK HERE.
Why - Vocation of the Catechist
"The deepest dimension [of formation] refers to the very being of the catechist, to his/her human and christian dimension. Formation, above all else, must help him/her to mature as a person, a believer and an apostle."
~ GDC, 238
"The formation, above all, nourishes the spirituality of the catechist, so that his/her activity springs in truth from his own witness of life." ~ GDC, 239
"To "be" catechists! Not to "work" as catechists. Catechesis is a vocation: "Being a catechist", is the vocation. Not "working" as a catechist." ~ Pope Francis, Congress on Catechesis.
How - Methodology
"The catechist will be able not only to communicate the Gospel accurately, but also able to make those being  taught capable of receiving it actively..." ~ DCG, 112
“Catechists do not merely instruct their students about Christ; they lead them to him.” ~ NDC, p241
What - Doctrinal 
"This synthesis of faith should be such as to help the catechist to mature in his own faith and enable him/her to offer an explanation for the present hope in this time of mission." ~ GDC, 241
Ongoing Formation
Ongoing formation for catechists is to:
  • Help them harmonize the human, spiritual, doctrinal, and apostolic dimensions of their apostolate.
  • Keep them abreast of the life of the Church - its needs, new documents, and so on - and of changing social, cultural, ethnic, and religious circumstances
  • Help them overcome discouragement and burnout
~ NDC, 55
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