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God calls you to be the BEST catechist you can be.

"Diocesan pastoral programs must give absolute priority to the formation of lay catechists." ~GDC, 234

Click here for a printable version of the "Catechist Formation Process"

For more information regarding the Catechist Formation Process, please contact Patty Rodriguez at: or 973-497-4297.

The Dimensions of Formation:
Being, Knowing and Savoir-faire ~ GDC, 238
Why - Vocation of the Catechist
"The deepest dimension [of formation] refers to the very being of the catechist, to his/her human and christian dimension. Formation, above all else, must help him/her to mature as a person, a believer and an apostle."
~ GDC, 238
"The formation, above all, nourishes the spirituality of the catechist, so that his/her activity springs in truth from his own witness of life." ~ GDC, 239
"To "be" catechists! Not to "work" as catechists. Catechesis is a vocation: "Being a catechist", is the vocation. Not "working" as a catechist." ~ Pope Francis, Congress on Catechesis.
How - Methodology
"The catechist will be able not only to communicate the Gospel accurately, but also able to make those being  taught capable of receiving it actively..." ~ DCG, 112
“Catechists do not merely instruct their students about Christ; they lead them to him.” ~ NDC, p241
What - Doctrinal 
"This synthesis of faith should be such as to help the catechist to mature in his own faith and enable him/her to offer an explanation for the present hope in this time of mission." ~ GDC, 241
Ongoing Formation
Ongoing formation for catechists is to:
  • Help them harmonize the human, spiritual, doctrinal, and apostolic dimensions of their apostolate.
  • Keep them abreast of the life of the Church - its needs, new documents, and so on - and of changing social, cultural, ethnic, and religious circumstances
  • Help them overcome discouragement and burnout
~ NDC, 55
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