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Ongoing Formation

... for the journey.

Becoming the most effective catechist possible is a life long endeavor. Once a catechist completes the courses necessary for the basic certificate, they must continue their formation. 

Opportunities for ongoing formation are offered throughout the year. 


University of Dayton - Online program.

Registration online directly through the University of Dayton, Virtual Learning Community for Faith Formation.


CLICK HERE for a list of certificate courses offered THIS CYCLE.

Registration is open!

CLICK HERE to register in English 

CLICK HERE to register in Spanish









Certificate for Ongoing Formation

will be available.  

CLICK HERE for more information in English!

CLICK HERE for more information in Spanish!

“We don’t lead with doctrine.
We don’t lead with moral pronouncements. 
Rather, we lead with the

proclamation of a Person
Jesus Christ
and invite others into relationship with him.
In other words, we lead with spirituality.”

~ Joe Paprocki, "Called by Name" ~



Catechist Convocation - Once a catechist has achieved his/her Vocation and Methodology certificates, all workshops at the Catechist Convocation can be considered Ongoing Formation. 

For 2020 our Catechist Convocation has become the Faith Formation Virtual Conference!

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