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I am a Parish Catechist.

I am a Catholic School Teacher.

Resources for:

Parish Catechetical Leaders/DREs AND Catholic School Principals/Religion Coordinators

CLICK HERE for a printable version of the Catechist Formation Process overview.

CLICK HERE for a complete calendar of Catechist Formation Workshops.


The Archdiocese of Newark Catechetical Office desires to support catechists by providing them with opportunities for growth in the ministry of catechesis. 

We desire to support catechists as they grow in:

  • their commitment to the mission God has called them to,

  • their understanding of the Catholic Faith, 

  • the practical skills necessary for effective catechesis. 

"The fundamental tasks of catechists are

to proclaim Christ's message,

to participate in efforts to develop community,

to lead people to worship and prayer, and to motivate them to serve others."  

(National Catechetical Directory #213)

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